Together we can untie the ropes

You are the captain on board. Although the Internet is a vast, unknown sea for you, I'm on your side to steer safely.
My charts are up to date and I refresh them regularly. You decide our goals and how far we will journey together.
It is in your hands, on which ship we sail.
If you need a huge steamer, I'll get my crew on board.
If we set sail with a dinghy, we travel light.

If you get seasick simply by thinking about the sea and waves, just tell me your final destination and I will navigate to you.

I always look forward to exciting adventures!

Tell me about your business

As you can see in my list of clients, it does not depend on the size. Each project is an individual challenge for me is: strategic, artistic and human.

And I always keep a watchful eye on the budget.

Let's set the sails

Although the challenges at sea are new each time, the tools are similar for each trip:


Preparation & Offer

Tell me about your wishes and ideas.

I advise you on the best concept for your new site. Then I can provide a detailed estimate.



A holistic approach with a focus on your target audience is the basis for a successful web presence.

We will evaluate your starting position and conceptualize your new website based on your target group and the latest standards of the web. The user experience is defined. I will know and understand your business.


Structure of the content: Website Architecture

„Form follows Function“

The "Function" of your site is composed of several sections: the complexity of the content and information architecture, as well as special requirements and features. Always respect your audience.

These form a structure that can be detected by your target audience intuitively.
The development of your company for the coming years is taken into account.

„I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.“

Depending on the source: Voltaire, Goethe, Twain, Marx, Pascal



You are unique. Your activity and your company are unique.

Each project is individual and takes us into new territory.

The design supports the structure and guides the user in his interaction with your site.
The look and feel will be optimised on all devices.

We then discuss the template of your new site by one or more representative sample pages.



Code is language and mathematics.
Semantics is the rulebook.

Solid programming in:
HTML5, CSS3, php, JS, jQuery

Your website is integrated into a content management system (CMS).
You get individual guidance and training on how to edit the content.
The CMS Processwire I use is the purist and offers the greatest flexibility.
It consists of a very thin core which is extended according to your requirements. This also improves safety.

The site and the backend, in which you adjust the content of your site later, are adapted to your needs.

Responsive design (Mobile first), spamproof forms, search engine optimization, cross browser testing, personalized Google Maps, print version, analysis tool and much more ... all inclusive.


Follow Up

Your company is constantly evolving and the demands on websites change rapidly.

Let's stay on course:
You regularly update your site's content; we will support you as needed and update the code on the basis of a service contract.

How much is a website?

About as much as you would spend on a short trip for 2 people.
You determine the final budget yourself.

An example:
A simple project requires minimum 2 days in concept and structure. 2 days design and 3 days programming. This corresponds to a working time of about 60 hours.

Let's start the journey!